Not to argue! But there’s no remedy like a quiet hill-station filled with majestic views, waterfalls and beautiful architecture in the form of Temples and Buddhist Gompas. That is our Kurseong, or “Kharsang” which in the Lepcha language means, “the land of white orchids.

In this blog, I am going to help you experience this majesty of our Kurseong that you are missing!

KURSEONG is the most sought out adventure spot and a serene hill station in the sub division of the Darjeeling district. It is located at 4864ft (1458mts) above sea-level along the National Highway NH 55 (i.e. Hill Cart Road) that goes all the way to Darjeeling on our way from Siliguri.

Kurseong is my favorite for its waterfalls, temples and Buddhist gompas apart from the excellent view that the place offers.

The rejuvenation spot, Kharsang!

Kurseong is an idyllic town in West Bengal near Darjeeling hills. The best things about the place is its beautiful surroundings, fresh clean air and the population which consists mainly of English-speaking people. Most of the residents here served as British soldiers during colonial rule or their descendants who come here even today to enjoy their retirement with calm and quiet environment away from stress and busy city life. It’s often called ‘Little England’ since most locals still speak fluent English.

winter in kurseong

The natural beauty in Kurseong makes it popular among tourists who are nature lovers. The beautiful places to visit here includes the monastery, waterfalls, bird sanctuary and many more places. Among all these tourist spots, one of the most popular place is the Khecheopalri Lake. It is considered sacred by Hindus. It’s believed that you’ll get whatever you wish just by taking a dip in its holy waters. The lake also attracts thousands of birds every year so if you’re an avid bird watcher then this will be just perfect for you!

The Magnetic History of Kurseong

Kurseong has seen several special personalities within the past. Noble laureate and writer Rabindranath Tagore composed many of his poems here. A great  follower of Swami Vivekananda, Sister Nivedita settled down here. Even Mark twain was here for a short while in 1885. And in 1936, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was confined for months by the British in a house in Kurseong. The bungalow is currently a renowned deposit with many original piece of furniture and different belongings of Netaji. Also, my own great grandfather was there for recovery for almost three years after an accident. He was a freedom fighter pre independence and a Travelling Ticket Examiner post it, never less proud of the tough guy!

Kurseong is also famous for it’s tea plantation where lots of tea estates offers guided tours to visitors who wanted to know more about the process of making a cup of tea. It’s also the best place to try varieties of teas made from different leaves which you can buy as souvenir after the tour!

Schooling in Kurseong


Kurseong is popular as, “the school town” among the Darjeeling District towns due to the introduction of several new schools. Kurseong, like the other hill settlements in the Darjeeling District, has a number of prestigious institutions dating back to the British Raj in India, including St. Alphonsus High School, St Helens Convent, Goethals Memorial School, Dowhill Girls School, and Victoria Boys School.
The schools can be divided into two categories. There are two types of mediums: English and Nepali. The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education [ICSE], Delhi, is the most common affiliation for English medium schools, whereas the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education [WBBSE], Calcutta, is the most common affiliation for Nepali language schools. While some of the institutions are associated with the Delhi-based Central Board of Secondary Education.

If you are a young man, I advise you to take care of your little heart around town cause if the cupid targets you here, you can pray for the Lord as your saviour cause the love stories in this hill have never been short of epic! 

All About the invigorating Kurseong Weather


A perfect getaway for nature lovers and a perfect destination for a peaceful holiday, Kurseong is not to be missed by travellers.

One of the best things that attract tourists to kurseong is its pleasant climate. Being a whole 1200 m above from sea level, it enjoys a pleasant weather throughout the year with summer being mild & winters being cold & misty. The valley lies between two major hill ranges – the Mahabharat range & Singalila range lying at their feet enclosing it from both sides. Kurseong lies in a rain shadow area because of this the climate is pretty dry but foggy during winter months.

Monsoon season starts in Kurseong between mid June to early September while winter begins around December until February . You can visit here anytime you like but ideally spring (March- April) is the best time when flowers start blooming everywhere, small little brooks become alive along with singing birds giving an amazing experience for tourists!

Weather in March and April:

March: Clear Sky 27°C or 80.6°F 16.0°C or 60.8°F at Night

April: Clear Sky 30°C or 86.0°F 19.0°C or 66.2°F at Night

Average Temperature ranges(Maximum & Minimum)

  • January: Maximum 20 °C or 68 °F and Minimum 10 °C or 50 F
  • February: Maximum 21 °C and Minimum 8 C
  • March: Maximum 27 C and 28 C at night
  • April: Maximum 29 C and 25 C at night
  • May: Maximum 31 C and 26 C
  • June: Maximum 32 to 34 Celsius
  • July : Maximum 33 to 35 Celsius
  • August : Highest 32 to 33 Celsius
  • September Highest 31 to 33 Celsius
  • October : Highest 29 to 30 Celsius
  • November : Maximum 27 C and Minimum 6 C
  • December: Maximum 21 °C and Minimum 6 C

Kurseong Rainy Days :

  • June: 3-4 days
  • July : 7 – 8days
  • August : 5-6 days
  • September : 1-2 days
  • October : Less than 1 day
  • November : 2-3days
  • December: 4-5days

January&February have no rain!

view point
view point

Does kurseong get snowy?

Do you want to know how it feels like to be surrounded by the nature and the fresh air?

If yes, Kurseong is a best place for you where you can find wide range of tourist spots that caters to your needs.

If your trip is during winter season, then visiting Kurseong will be an exciting experience for you because there are several places here where you can go and enjoy! And if you want to know what causes it, it’s due to the altitude. The town is situated at 4864ft above sea level so yeah….there will be snow in kurseong too!!

So if ever you’re planning a vacation and wanted to explore something different apart from crowded beaches or bustling cities then Kurseong MUST BE on top your list! The town offers wide range of activities and places that fits right in your budget! And if you still have more to add, Kurseong is also a cultural melting pot where people from all over the country converge. So don’t forget to wear some colourful clothes while visiting this beautiful town.

Siliguri to Kurseong

Siliguri to kurseong nH55

Kurseong is about mid way to Darjeeling and you can easily combine a
couple of nights stay here when you plan a vacation in and around
Darjeeling. The moderate altitude of the place assures temperate climate for most part of the year. However, it can get quite cold during the winters but nothing as severe as Darjeeling.

Distance between Siliguri to Kurseong by Road is35 Kms
Distance between Siliguri to Kurseong by Flight is20 Kms
Travel Time from Siliguri to Kurseong by Road is1:13 hrs
Nearest Railway Station in KurseongKurseong (KGN)
Nearest Railway Station in SiliguriSiliguri Jn (SGUJ)
Nearest Airport in SiliguriBagdogra Airport (26.73, 88.4)
Nearest Airport in KurseongBagdogra Airport (26.88, 88.28)

Kurseong Travel Tips & Suggestions for Travellers

1) Always prefer staying in Tea Estates so that you can get a closer look of the lifestyle of the native people while taking a break from sightseeing. There are many homestays available however being located in remote areas, it’s always better to check personally before booking your accommodation!

2) Never forget to carry some cash with you because most of the places don’t accept credit cards!

3) During monsoon season, roads become little tricky so always keep your eyes open for the upcoming road conditions . Kurseong is mostly accessible by rail or road so no need to worry! 

4) Always wear bright clothes while visiting tea estates during monsoon. The places are filled with green everywhere & you don’t want camouflage!

5) Never forget to bargain while purchasing any local product or while taking a tour. After all, its your hard earned money & there’s no harm in bargaining for a good price right? 


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