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Happy Valley Tea Estate in the Lebong Cart Road, Darjeeling West Bengal is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Darjeeling. This 440 acres tea plantation was established in 1854 is in the north of Darjeeling and employs over 1500 workers. This garden also happens to be the second largest tea estate in Darjeeling after Steinthal Tea Estate.

Happy valley tea estate

A tour of the Happy Valley Tea Estate should take around 45mins to 1 hour and if open from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM. You can contact them before visiting on the following details:

Happy Valley Tea Estate
Lebong Cart Road
(Near Darjeeling Zoo)
Darjeeling 734101
West Bengal, India
Phone +91 (0) 8017700700
Email tour@happyvalleytea.com

How do you get to Happy Valley Tea Estate?

Happy Valley is sitatued 3Kms from the main market in Darjeeling, the chowkbazaar. You can take a taxi to Lebong Cart Road and easily reach the tea garden.

What’s so special about Happy Valley Tea Estate?

Happy valley tea estate Darjeeling apart from being the second largest tea estate in town also has the highest altitude tea factory in India. Its scenic view and the famous tea is worth the attention.

Darjeeling is a wonderful hill station with lush, rolling tea gardens. These Tea gardens have produced over the years, tea leaves that have got the flavour and aroma unmatched by any other tea leaves in the world. Today Darjeeling tea has achieved international fame. These tea gardens are also major part of recreation in Darjeeling. Tourist will be missing a big part of their trip if they didn’t visit a tea garden in Darjeeling. Until now these tea gardens have produced finest teas since 1850s. All the teagardens of Darjeeling district of West Bengal is supervised by the Touzi Section according to the West Bengal Estates Acquisition Act of 1953

These tea gardens are spread over vast lands and one gets to see the beauty of nature and soothe their eyes by visiting such tea gardens. It’s even more breath taking when in the early morning the fog captures the tea gardens. It is also very easy to take a tour of the tea gardens since the Nepalese who works there are very warm and friendly.

You can even get to see the processing of the tea leaves at the ’happy valley tea estate’’ and get a chance to buy some fresh tea leaves at affordable prices. There are about 86 running tea estates in this hill region. Before in old days such tea estates were owned by Locals but with time none of the locals own such tea gardens in Darjeeling. The most accessible tea garden is the Happy Valley Tea estate which is very close to the town. These tea gardens are operated keeping in mind that environment is not affected. They are encouraged to sustain environment-friendly culture on their farms. So, all those who cares about environment also has given thumbs up to tea cultivation in Darjeeling.

Visitors can venture into the tea gardens, experiencing the busy life of the estate workers there. You will find thousands of workers plucking the tea leaves in the fields, carrying large cane baskets on their back and working hard to earn a livelihood. One is even mesmerised by the simplicity these workers shows in their daily living.


The tea gardens in Darjeeling have maintained the greenery in this busy commercialised town. It has attracted tourists from different regions of the world and many have even written books on it. The very moment you look at these tea gardens you feel like running wide arms open. It brings one very close to Mother Nature. These tea gardens right below the nose of Kanchenjunga provides a panoramic view to the entire world.

These tea gardens have become a part of the family of the people of Darjeeling, more so, for the tea cultivators. Tea gardens are seen from every corner of the town and thus it keeps the people rooted to their culture, tradition and their identity. Tea festivals take place once a year where they honour and celebrate their tea gardens. People of Darjeeling are very proud of their tea gardens and the tea it produces which has been called by many “Champagne of Teas”.

tea plantation visit in darjeeling

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