Batasia Loop: Admire The Panoramic View

A visit to Batasia Loop is a must in your Darjeeling sightseeing plan. It is an engineering marvel. Furthermore, the Batasia Loop is also listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Furthermore, the Batasia Loop was built to lower the gradient of ascent of the Darjeeling Himalyan Railway.

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batasia loop

About Batasia Loop

The Batasia Loop is a marvel of railway engineering and a popular tourist spot in Darjeeling. This loop enables the Toy Train to almost circumnavigate itself as it descends down the hill. Also, it features a war memorial deddicated to the gorkha soldiers. They sacrificed their lives during India’s wars since Independence during various military operations. From this point, one can get a breathtaking view of Darjeeling town and also can see Mt Kanchenjunga in all its glory on clear days.

batasia loop
It also houses a small war museum. The place offers spectacular views of Himalayan ranges and the tea gardens spread around. The toy train runs in a loop over this place, which adds to its beauty.

The loop enables the track to drop one hundred feet, affording panoramic views. This place is good for its view of sunrise and sunset. A toy train also passes through this loop everyday around noon.

The Batasia is popular for its picturesque location and magnificient view. The loop was built in 1919. Before that the track used to pass through where the market near Gandhi Road presently stands. The Japanese Peace Pagoda built by Nipponzan Myohoji is close to the loop.

Brief History of Batasia Loop

The Batasia Loop is an interesting place to visit.

war memorial at batasoia loop

The loop also serves as a memorial to the Gorkha soldiers who lost their lives in various military actions, including World War I. A memorial garden with a war memorial has been developed on top of the loop. The Indian Army constructed the memorial in 1995. Also, the indian army is also responsible for maintaining The Batasia Loop and the garden surrounding it. It is open to tourists.

The Batasia Loop also houses a memorial for Gorkha soldiers who have laid down their lives for India. It also has a beautiful garden where colorful flowers bloom in all seasons.

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Batasia Loop is a spiral railway created to lower the gradient of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. Which means, it descends from Ghoom, the highest railway station in India at an altitude of 2258 meters.

The Batasia Loop enables the Toy Train to descend 213 meters in just 1.2 kilometers! This marvel of railway engineering lies about 5 kilometers from the main town

Another such example of a place with surreal view around Darjeeling is The Tiger Hill.

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view from the batasia loop

It is located at about 5 km from Ghoom, the highest railway station in India and 7 km from Darjeeling town.

Open hours, Fees and Facilities

Open hours: Mon – Sun 08:30 – 17:00

Fees: Fee applicable as Rs 15 per person.

There are two viewing galleries from where you can enjoy stunning views of Mount Kanchenjunga and the surrounding hills, valleys, tea gardens and toy trains


  • Parking available
  • There are pay & use toilets for ladies and gents located inside
  • at one end.

It is a scenic spot from where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Darjeeling and its surrounding area, the Kanchenjunga range and the toy-train winding its way around it.

Extras and Perks at Batasia Loop

From the parking lot it is a short walk to the top of the hill. There is an entrance fee of INR 15 ($0.20) per person. The view from the top is breathtaking and one can see the entire railway line as it slowly turns around the hill in a spiral and finally disappears. There is also a war memorial on top of the hill, built in memory of the Gorkha soldiers who died in World War I and World War II. In addition to that, one can also visit an amusement park at the top.

From here we walked back down to Ghoom Railway Station where we boarded our train to Darjeeling which was already waiting there for us.


The scenic beauty of Darjeeling makes it an ideal destination where you can spend some quality time with your family members and friends. The Batasia Loop is a must-visit tourist spot in Darjeeling and one can spend over an hour there taking pictures and enjoying the views. There are many trekking spots that are frequented by adventure enthusiasts. For shopping lovers, there are many shopping destinations where you can visit to buy souvenirs for your loved ones back home.

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