10 Important Things To Pack For A Trip To Hill Station?

When you plan for a hill station holiday, the first thing comes to mind is planning for all the activities and distractions available in your trip. ¬†You want to explore things, so it becomes very important to carry all the essentials with you. Especially if you’re travelling to the Darjeeling hills, you will not want to explore the majestic top 10 tour spots with discomfort.

We often tend to forget few small yet essential items that can help our experience an unforgettable one. We usually struggle at most points of time during the trip by forgetting many such items which prove to be great fun-killers if not carried appropriately. Here are 10 most essential things that needs your special attention when packing for a hill station:

Carry medicines and vitamins

Many people suffer from common cold and fever when they go on a hill trip due to weather changes and altitude changes in the mountains. Moreover, there are several people who have medical problems and thus need to take medicines before going on a trip if not during the whole duration of their holiday. If you’re travelling to some sort of a city or a place with dense population, a drug or medicine store should be at every corner but that is not the case at the hills. It is therefore advisable to keep handle essential medications that you may need.

Carry sunglasses

It is very important to protect your eyes from sun so that you can have fun uninterrupted while you visit any hill station in India for a holiday. Sunglasses shield your eyes from direct sunlight which results in irritation and redness around them if unprotected for a long time. Wearing sunscreen lotion helps to some extent, but you need to wear sunglasses that covers your eyes fully.

Carry essentials like toiletries

While you are on a hill station trip, things like toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash and soap become very important things to carry during the trip. It is not possible to get all of these things outside of your hotel or any tourist area where many shops existbut it doesn’t help when you step out into the bright light directly without wearing sunglasses.

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Carry face wash, moisturizer and cleansing tissues

You will need these essentials at every point of time during your trip because climate changes drastically between day and night. Thus, you need things like cleansing tissues and moisturizer because dust and pollution stay on your face for a long time which makes it hard to give them a wash after few hours of the sun going down. These essentials help you make things much easier for yourself during the trip and keeps things looking fresh and clean throughout your holiday.

packing essentials for a trip to the hills

Carry good quality woolens

The temperature at most hill stations is slightly lower than that of other places in India usually because many such places are close to mountains or hills where temperature changes drastically between day and night as well as depending on seasons too. So it becomes very important to carry proper warm clothes with you when planning to go on a hill station holiday so that you can enjoy things without being disturbed by the weather.

Carry good shoes

While on a hill station holiday, things like low-heeled shoes and sandals become your best friends because it is the only footwear that you can wear at such places which doesn’t cause any problem to you and also ensures proper stability while exploring things around. If you wear high heels or things with thin sole, there are chances of things getting worse for your feet and thus it becomes very important to carry better quality sturdy foot wears during your trip for a hill station so that you can enjoy things without getting into too many hassles.

Carry power bank

It is very important to carry power banks while travelling to hill stations because most of them get cut off from electricity sources sometimes after every few hours for maintenance purposes. So you need things like power banks to charge things like your mobile phones, music players and laptops with the help of an inverter which are available in many shops.

Carry drinking water bottle

It is advised by most doctors to carry drinking water bottles with you during your trip if not everywhere because drinking clean mineralized water helps you avoid all kinds of breathing problems that usually happen at high altitudes sometimes due to changes in weather too. Thus carrying a good quality drinking water bottle or thermos becomes very important things to carry on your hill station holiday so that you can enjoy things without any problem.

Carry deodorants

Many people suffer from bad breath and body odour when they travel on a hill station trip because things like skin problems, breathing difficulties and sweating become very common things at such places. So it is advised to carry things like deodorants which you can use on a regular basis during your holiday to avoid bad breath and body odour issues in any weather conditions including winters too when everything around you smells so fresh.

Carry things you need on a daily basis

This includes things like things to wear, things to eat and things which can help you deal with things that might come up during the trip. For instance, if you are going on a hill station holiday with your friends or family then it is advised to carry things like medicines and bandage in case any of them gets injured by an accident or cut while they enjoy things like trekking during their trip. It is very important for people planning for a change of weather outside and wanting to explore new places to carry things they need most every day during their holiday even if they don’t carry such things regularly in their house. So this becomes very important when travelling somewhere else because it makes life much easier when things go wrong during a holiday.

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